Re|engage participation survey

Congratulations on finishing Re|Engage!

“This is a way to live, not a program that you go through. You don’t graduate from this. Success in marriage is not just avoiding divorce, but always moving toward oneness. You will have to fight for everything you have gained.”

Though our time together has come to an end, you should not look at this as the end of a journey but rather the beginning of one. As we talked about in our last session, it is important you and your spouse keep on going over these lessons to keep them fresh. If you want to attend a Re|Engage group again, you can sign up for another class during the next semester.  Don’t walk away from these 16 lessons and never think about how to improve your marriage again.

Matthew 28 tells us to "Go and make disciples." We want to challenge you to share with others what God is actively doing in your marriage. Tell people at work, home, church, family, and neighbors about the hope you have in Jesus and the hope He can bring to your marriage.
Here's some final take aways and reminders:

  • A healthy marriage takes hard work.  It does not end here.  Keep dating your spouse.
  • Understand the importance of authentic community, like you have experienced in Re|Engage. – stay connected
  • The key is reliance on God
  • Things that mark couples who get well:
    • Work on themselves
    • Commitment to each other
“We live in a culture where many come into marriage to get something and leave as soon as they don’t get it.  Christians have an opportunity to be known for the profoundly different way they love each other.  Imagine what could happen if you began to love your spouse the way Christ loves you.  Imagine what could happen if everyone in your church and churches around the world did the same!”

Don’t stop trying to improve yourself and your marriage, the pursuit is worth it!

 Below is a short survey we would love for you to take. The feedback you provide is to help us get better.


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Please rank how your Re|Engage experience has impacted you in the following ways
Increase my reliance on God’s Word in making decisions
Grow in my personal relationship with Christ
Make my marriage a priority
Be open and honest with my spouse
Understand how to deal with conflict
Learn how to forgive my spouse
Have a better understanding of unconditional love
Become more selfless
Increase intimacy in marriage
Learn how to communicate with my spouse
Group Leaders Review
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• Please rank your Re|Engage facilitators in the following areas:
Equipped to handle the groups problems as they arose
Relied on God’s word to give counsel
Were available
Were authentic
Were able to maintain the appropriate pace
Modeled the Re|Engage topics in their own marriage
Please share some thoughts from your Re|Engage experience:
If you were to rate your marriage on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high), where were you when you started Re|Engage and where are you today?